Family Support Services

Family Support Service

The aim of the Ballymun Family Resource Centre programme is to combat disadvantage and improve the functioning of the family unit, to encourage community participation and promote social inclusion. The centre works in partnership with individuals, families, the community, and both statutory and non-statutory agencies.

A central feature of the Ballymun Family Resource Centre programme is the involvement of local people in identifying needs and developing needs-led responses.

The Centre provides the following:

• The provision of information, advice and support to individuals and families. The Centre acts as a focal point for onward referrals to service providers.

• Delivering education courses and training opportunities.

• Support for the establishment and maintenance of new community groups to meet local needs and the delivery of services at local level (for example our Cooking Mums, after-school activities, Schools Out programme and Coder Dojo.

• Child, adolescent and adult counselling.

• Developing capacity and leadership skills of people living in Ballymun.

• Supporting migrants and refugees living in the community.

• Support for personal and group development through our programme of courses.

• Practical assistance to individuals and community groups such as access to information technology and office facilities.

• Supporting networking within the community.

• Contributing to the development of policies relevant to our work.

Contact the Centre on 01 8527183 to make an appointment.