About Us

About Us

The Ballymun Child & Family Resource Centre was established in 2014.

Located on Shangan Green, it is an initiative to support local families to achieve their full potential.

By working locally we want to improve Learning & Wellbeing for children and young people and parents. We strive to ensure parents are supported to raise their families and to be confident in their role as their children primary carers.

The aim of the Ballymun Child and Family Resource Centre is to empower individuals, build on family strengths, enhance self-esteem and create a sense of being able to influence events in their life. The FRC also builds on the social and emotional relationship between the parent and child by providing activities which are designed to encourage positive interaction in a supportive setting.

Board of Management

The board of management comprises people with expertise and interest in community development and family support. Some members of our board live locally.

Chair: Denise Fitzpatrick

Directors: Denise Fitzpatrick, Vreny Enongone, Paul Lee, Robert Murphy, Matt Fitzpatrick & Frank Scalzo.


The Centre is staffed by a dedicated team of employees and volunteers. Community Employment and TUS employment schemes provide essential staff to deliver our programme.

Paul Browne – Centre Manager


Sandra Adams – Finance Administrator

Sandra is a qualified Accounts Technician, holds a Masters in Arts Programme Development and a Certificate in Community Development and Leadership.

Louise Smyth – Family Support Worker

Louise has worked in community development for over 20 years. She has experience in community care and youth work. She holds Diplomas in Further Education and Training and has worked with the long term unemployed to support them reach their full potential. Louise is a Holistic Therapist and is a registered Louise L. Hay Heal your Life trainer.

Elizabeth O’Connor – Housekeeper

Elizabeth O’ Connor is the senior housekeeper in the Family Resource centre for the past year. Elizabeth has vast experience in running the logistics of the FRC and is trained in HACCP and in child protection. In the capacity of Senior Housekeeper her work involves supporting other staff in their roles and working in collaboration with the manager. She creates a welcoming atmosphere within the Centre for local people. Her role also includes supervising the housekeeping team.

Community Employment Programme

Rachel Barry – PR and CoderDojo Administrator

TUS Programme

Syliva Spryszak- Project Resource Worker
Lauren Reynolds – Administration Assistant

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